Restaurant Floorplans

I’m considering a new location. I know a lot of equipment suppliers do free floor plans, but I actually won’t be adding any equipment that I don’t already have. Are there other resources (food vendors maybe) that I could tap into that would help me with a layout?

Contact George Mills for a layout.
George posts here often.
J & G Mills Equiipment LLC
33200 Schoolcraft Road
Suite 204
Livonia, MI 48150
Did one for me for about $100
Click on the link to his site and he shows a typical floor plan. He, actually Joe did a custom one for me.

Hi Indie:

BillB is correct, we do many floor plans for operators who are moving to a new location.

We can also do the plumbing and electrical rough in plan, plus a ventilation and air balance plan if you so desire.

Contact us if you are interested.

George Mills