I signed up for RestrauntOwner . Com and think it is a big waste of money. It is too general and not for pizza at all. PMQ or someone should start a PizzaOwner . com and I would gladdly pay a monthly charge and we can all contribute info, marketing ideas, and documents that are more relavent to the pizza industry.
Just a thought or hope,

Isn’t kinda what we’re doing now for free?

I didn’t do the website, but find their magazine to be very useful, monmth in and month out. It is an inexpensive subscription, and a nice addendum to the invaluable info we get on PMQ. For places with more going on than just pizza in the dining rooms, it offers some useful stuff . . . PMQ is still better, but if you want some more info and added perspectives . . . their magazine works for us.

did the downloadable forms help at all?? That is the one thing that got me interested in the site. I could use the manuals and job descriptions to make sure our are complete

I use a bunch of their download forms, job descriptions, spreadsheets, etc.

were they worth the $100 subsription and $13/month?