Results on Fundraising


I have been checking out these fundraising cards and see that everyone offers a free small cheese with the purchase of a 16 or 18 pizza. IF these take off, how do you find the oven space if all of a sudden they are ordering 2 instead of their usual one pizza. Does anyone get a portion of the sale price of the fundraising card or do you let the school or whom ever keep the whole $10.

Trying to look into different stuff except the usual $2.00 of any pizza which in only currently use. Does the fundraising bring in more sales or does it just make you give away a free pizza to current customers who buy the card??? I don’t have a POS and I am currently “interviewing” companines because we really need one. I guess my question is do current customers buy these cards or do a lot of new customers buy them. What kind of percentage, current to new, buy them.

Any help would be great.



Very good question. It is hard for me to measure my fundraiser success at getting new customers. I would imagine that in a high population area like yours you would get a higher percentage of new customers. I am in a very rural area so I would say that I am just giving away stuff for my current customers 95% of the time. I sell cards to a group for $4 and they turn them around for $10. There is a $25 value on the card. Two items on the card are free with no purchase and these items have a combined value of $10 so there is the customers money back. They sell pretty fast and groups have good success raising the money they need.