Retail Intelligence Package

So i googled this because I noticed that the last 2 months a charge for $9.99 popped up on my cc statements and this is what I found out Grr…

Just another way for my hard earned money to disappear. Has anyone else been hit with this “Retail Intelligence Package” fee ???

I seriously am thinking about not taking credit cards anymore, but would probably lose busniess, as many people do not carry cash or checks anymore

The biggest scam being perpetrated here, is that the EMV system is more secure then the American version. I do not have any links to provide, but over the years the bank and the governments have claimed it is entirely secure. But over the last few years, everyone has come to realize that the EMV system can be hacked just as easily as the American version.

This is entirely about shifting the costs from the CC company’s to the retailers and card holders.