Retro Grand Opening

OK, so I never did a “Grand Opening”.
I just opened as soon as training the crew seemed mostly done…
It’s been over a month now
I’ve got a great-looking ad in the local paper - slightly different once a week. And I get great feedback on the ad itself - big and color and there is some response each time.
I’m doing doorhangers.
I’ll soon do direct postcards.
So what’s the benefit of a Grand Opening? In my town, I think the ONLY place anyone would HEAR about a Grand Opening, would be in the local paper. And those readers have already noticed that I’m open - one week, since they love my graphics, the paper gave me a FULL PAGE - I mean, if you read that paper, you know we’re open.
So should I do one now? WHY? What’s the benefit?

Don’t do a Grand Opening, I think they are a waste of money. Keep focusing on your current advertising.