Retro video games

I’m interested is putting a 1980’s table top Pac man video game table in my waiting lobby. The game comes with 60 retro video games and custom printing of my logo and 2 player stools. 1500.00. can be programmed to accept any amount of coins. My questions: Is it a good idea? and two is there a profit to be made? and three what should I charge to play? I do not serve alcohol. My store business is 60% take out 20% dine in and 20% delivery
Thank you.

It sounds very cool but I doubt that the machine will make any money itself. Bars tend to use these because sometimes they may be able to keep the customers attention for one more drink then planned.

I would think if you could buy the machine for 1500, it would pay for itself quickly enough. Margins are so tight anymore that any easy profit is always a good thing. Just one guys opinion. I would be interested in where your getting that machine from? Sounds like a good deal

Just to play devil’s advocate on this topic. Will these games bring in people who are only there for the game and not to spend their money eating there?

Games bring in kids, maybe not as much as they use to, but it keeps them busy while the food is being made.

One thing to look out for is that most of the multicade (multiple games in one) aren’t usually legit licensed machines and are geared for residential use only unless set to free play. Now of course if that doesn’t bother you at all, I say go for it.

make sure it has a dollar bill acceptor for maximum should be set at 50 cents a pop.itll take a while to recoup your money.if something breaks itll take even longer,if your able to find someone that will work on it at illinois they need a decal the state sells you every year,50 bucks or it is the liquoer license guy that also checks the vending machines, he doesnt go to places without a liquer license.find a vending machine operator have him put one in and see what it makes.the split is 50 50 on video games.the only difference on a residential machine is they dont accept money,most of the ones ive seen do.