Returns= Mailboxes vs. doorknobs

Ok fellaz I live in a very suburban area where driveways are long and homes are not to close together. So Im wondering if I doorhang to this area and put the hangers on there mailboxes will I get the same return if I put it on doors. You are allowed to put the hangers on the flags or in newspaper boxes. It might be a little lazy but just wondering if any1 has done it this way? :wink:
Thanx again…

You are definately not allowed to put anything on the “flags” of the mailbox - or anywhere on the box or the pole that holds the box.

The newspaper box is a different story.

As to your question, you will get a much better return rate hanging directly on the doors.

let me tag a question on to this thread. In your part of the world do you not get grief for doorknob hanging especially in the summer as opposed to putting in the letterboxes. Reason being if resident goes on holiday then any petty thief burglar could tell who is at home or not because mail is not collected. I deliver to leafy subarbs and annoying neighbourhood watch always complain.

In the United States, it is technically against the law for anyone bedies the United States Potal Service to place anything in or on the mailbox or the supporting post/structure. If you are found in viloation, and they chose top prosecute, then you face a fine PER INCIDENT of the violation. Unless you are on an exceedingly friendly basis with the local postmaster, and he is willing to risk his job for you, then it is often a dicey move.

It is within the discression of local postmaster how to address local complaints about violations of this sort. Caveat emptor.

Many places do it anyway and just assume the risk and any PR backlash that could come.

Your right because the postmaster had called me about 6 months ago and told me that dont put another flyer in any1s mailbox I can put it on the outside but your not allowed to open a mailbox because its a federal crime. I told him I didnt know and he let me off with a warning after I got out about 2500 flyers off… :smiley:

We just did a large door hanging in a huge subdivision (about 1000 houses) - and took the time to hang on individual doors.

I had a number of customers comment how they appreciated that we didn’t trash up their neighborhood by putting stuff on their mailboxes - where it usually falls of and becomes litter. It wasn’t easy - and probably took 4 times longer than illegally putting on the mailboxes - but I’m certain it was better.

I felt like calling the postmaster and complaining about the flyers I saw placed on flags and taped to the outside of mailboxes.

I too am eagerly awaiting responses from this as I live in a very rural area.About 20K people in a 28 Sq mile area(island).