Reuben Pizza?

In light of WA DAVE willingness to give out his dough recipe.

I just wanted to share this with all of you, a pizza that I am certain has hit the market several times over in several markets.

I just recently put out THE REUBEN PIZZA, Slices of Corned Beef, Piles of SauerKraut, on a 1000 island base sauce, and smothered in Swiss Cheese with a dash of Caraway seeds on a Rye Sourdough Crust.

I have been selling out of this every Friday night since I introduced it 2 weeks ago, I imagine the newness of the product will wear off eventually, and I will be able to maintain a constant supply of product. But its been crazy.

It cost me $3.00 to make a 12" medium.
$.45 Dough Ball
$.40 4 oz. of 1000 island
$.625 4 oz. of Grande Cheese
$.375 4 oz. Corned Beef
$.30 4 oz. Sauerkraut
$.80 4 oz. Swiss Cheese
$.05 Dash of Caraway Seeds

$3.00 Sells for $9.99 on Special, will sell eventually for $15.99

St. Patty’s Day is comming up this could be a great time for you to introduce it!

If you have any other “odd” pizza that you have had great success with please let me know. I am currently working on a Mongolian Beef Pizza!!!

There is a guy name John Gutekanst who owns two Avalanche Pizza locations close to Columbus Ohio that you need to talk to about out-of-the-norm pizzas. He has tried a lot of strange combinations, some of which worked, some bombed terribly. His article can be found at … anchepizza[/url]. if you would like to see some of his recipes, go to [url=]

Thanks for the hint! His website is awesome! Something to look up too!!