reuben pizza

anyone doing a reuben pizza??? we’re in the experimental stage right now, we’re doing sauceless, cheese, then corned beef, saurkraut, green onions, and then bake, when it comes out we drizzle it with the 1000 dressing. the thing is it seems flavorless, the saurkraut loses it flavor, and I’m not sure about doing it with no sauce, but I’m thinking the 1000 dressing won’t hold up well with the heat if used as the sauce base??? any suggestions?? maybe the saurkraut shouldn’t be cooked?? but cold doesn’t sound to appealing either. I know I’ve seen this on someones menu before but don’t remember who’s it was. thanks…Laura

I don’t have a Reuben Pizza, but have an impression what you are looking for. I have a couple of questions: Do you drain and rinse your kraut? Have you tried more than one brand of kraut? What are your portion sizes and size of pizza? What kind of cheese are you using?

I would recommend NOT rinsing the Kraut, but draining it well . . . watery stuff, eh? I would also think that adding swiss cheese to the pie would add a punch of sharp flavor to the profile.

The balance of kraut to beef will make a difference in the final flavor. More corned beef may get you into the flavor . . . but need portions to know better. Also, if you can work in some carraway and/or celery seed the kraut may liven up some. If looking for some added tartness, then some vinegar or acid blend crystals mixed with the kraut before topping might add some added flavor.

Mustard is a condiment that calls to me for flavor enhancement of corned beef. Maybe you’ll find pastrami is a stronger flavored meat to stand up to the pizza baking? More testing here.

I looked around at some other resources online, and other recipes, and find the caraway seeds everywhere . . . do that.

Another suggestion I saw was to go ahead and spread the dressing on the bottom of the pie . . . what can it hurt to test it out on a 10" shell?

Ikeep thinking about a brown mustard sauce base. Maybe you can blend some spicy brown mustard with garlic butter or mayonnaise to get a smooth sauce to base the pie. Heck, mustard alone could do it. Sauce contributes SO MUCH of the flavor profile of a pie, that would be what I see as the glaring place to insert a difference-maker. On a reuben, it’s swiss cheese and mustard that pump up the flavor for me.

wow, nick thanks so much those are GREAT ideas, I didn’t think about carraway but we’ll try that, we’re not rinsing the kraut but draining well, I almost was wondering if we should leave more of the moisture because it was drying out to much, but I need to experiment with different brands because I’ve only tried one so far. thanks again and I’ll let you know how it turns out with the new ideas.

Here is a link in case tommieknowspizza doesn’t show up before my manic typing spree ends :shock: … ght=reuben

This is his recipe posted Dec 2006. He should have some great input for you, and you might be able to private message him about it . . . I’d rather read the conversation, though.

I made one, and it was GOOOOOD.
Didn’t sell many, so it did get dropped.

  1. Cooked fresh corned beef
  2. Used packaged (Marie Callendars) THousand Island dressing as the sauce - YES, we cooked it.
  3. Squeeze all the water out of the sauerkraut, but then - yes, the meat and saurkraut get treated just like toppings.

We made it on our thicker style crust - that might or might not be important…


hello cobble,I cook krout in beer and brown sugar for at least 1 hour,drain it well and set aside,stretch dough,shmear it w/ thous.Island then swiss chse.and bake.Top off w/ warm coned beef and then the warmed Krout.We did one also w/ hot dawgs and krout but we used the spicy must as a base instead. Nick had the right idea above it is a delicious pie but just a hard one to push.Throw a side of cole slaw in w/ it.


We run the Reuben as a special for the month of March. We make our own rye crust (with caraway), use a very light brushing of horseradish as the sauce, add very light mozzarella, corned beef, sauerkraut (which has been tossed with thousand island, and top with swiss cheese. It is always a huge hit…just a nose hit when it comes out of the oven is outrageous!!


I’ve tried my hand at a reuben pizza. It was quite tasty.

A base of cream cheese and stone ground mustard, pastrami, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. After it comes out of the oven, I drizzled it with thousand Island.

Hope this helps


great ideas, thanks for all the help we’ll be trying many of them!!!

I tried making a big mac pie today. American cheese, 1000 island, generous portion of beef, onions, pickles tomatoes (i’ve always thought the big mac should have tomatoes) lite mozz, cheddar and provolone baked and the topped with fresh lettuce. It was pretty good. Tomorrow I’m making another one and tweaking it with more 1000, onions and pickles.