Revel POS?

Does anyone have any experience with revel or any other good iPad based POS system?

Have had one system for about two years. Pizza restaurant. Have been in the restaurant business for 40+ years and many restaurants and POS systems. Revel is the worst system and company I have tried. They told me they had a pizza system up and running. Terrible, inconsistent, etc. Business-wise we had many a time on the weekends when the system would go down and no help to get it going. I spent money on an outside tech and my office manager had to dedicated a considerable amount of time to keep it running. We would have cashiers quit when the system would go down with lines to the door and customers getting very angry. Then they went to overseas for support. We could not understand what they were saying and they all had a script to read from no matter the problem. We spent about the cost of the system in the first year for outside help and dedicated office manager time. So our cost was double for the system. We would have somebody to talk to and then they would disappear and a new person wanted us to fill him in on the history. They did this every time for 18 months. At one point I was talking to a lawyer and let them know. They assigned yet another person for us. He knew nothing of the history and wanted us to go through it all again. I told him I was sick and tired of it all and wanted my money back. He said to give him 30 days to fix everything or they would refund my purchase price. Not much got fixed and all of a sudden this guy disappears as they all did. Tried to reach someone to get my money back. They refused and said they knew nothing about any such deal. I asked them if they wanted all the emails with dates, times and people involved. Today it is working kind of o.k. but they frequently make changes and have upgrades. This takes a lot of office time. Sometimes we lose some of the parts of the program and have to spend more time to reinstall. So this is about half the story. I get ill reminding myself of all the stuff that happened and was promised but never materialized.
In my book we were sold a system that was not ready. This was exacerbated by the horrible support. They could not fix much of anything and they kept changing reps who had no history (they said) of the issues.

Whoa sounds like a horror story thanks for sharing.

All I can say about Revel is that they have not even been responsive to me during the sales cycle, can only imagine what things would be like when I would need them.

Everybody always complains about their POS but rarely tells us what they switched too and now love. I need a POS that is ipad based. Very few options. I’m leaning towards revel because there is not a lot of others to choose from.

Iv been considering revel as well… I too want an iPad based system.