Revention or Point of success

Thinking about getting rid of our old Digital Dining pos 10 yrs old and has a few glitches
I was impressed with revention at the pizza show but kind of pricy. The folks at point of success
were very nice and a whole lot cheaper. Anyone using revention care to let me know how you like it and are they happy with their customer service Thanks Tony

Hey Tony, I dont know much about Point Of Success, but I have had Revention for the last 2 years and am very happy with it. It is very customizable to your needs and the tech support is excellent. Hope this helps.

I’m not familiar with Point of Success. Have been using Revention for almost 3 years now. If I had to do it over again, I would NOT go wth Revention. It is way overpriced (they promise functionalities which do not work (like delivery radius needs to be manually input by you or them at an extra cost, like half the management reports do not work unless you specifically walk through each report with them and essentially rewrite program code, like their IT guy was unable to set up the phonelines, caller id to work and finally I did it myself through trial and error, like the customer account history gets lost when you merge two customer accounts with different names but same phone, and more), they do NOT have 24 hour live service (after about 6-7 p.m. an operator decides whether your call is an emergency or not before “bothering IT in the night”), and a couple of times after I guess they ran an upgrade, my system (credit card reader, order printers, etc) would not work. I thought it was something I did only to find out after I called them that “for some unexplained reason perhaps the upgrade caused some malfunction” and I had to walk through re-setting the computers…CONCLUSION? Too many promises, too much money, not enough value.

I sent you a PM.