reversing direction on a Lincoln 1000

Has anyone reversed direction on a Lincoln 1000? My bottom oven has a switch to reverse but the top one doesn’t???


very very simple just reverse the wires on the conveyor motor

it reverses the polatiry

But you don’t want to reverse your A/C wires that lead to the motor (black and white.) The motor will keep spinning the same direction and you will have added a potentially dangerous situation to boot.

You’ll need to open the motor and find the leads that run to the coils. They’re usually yellow and blue. Switching those will change the direction of the motor.

If you need to be able to alternate the direction you’ll need a Double Pole, Double Throw switch. Either way, it’s probably best to drop a hundred bucks or so and have an electrician do it for you.

That is not true at all, i have done this my self its an electric motor, all you have to do it swap the power leads

dont listen to PIPER i just did this a few weeks ago Zero problems

most generally lincoln ovens use DC motors on the conveyors. You only need to swap the two power leads to the conveyor motor to change direction. On my old 1100’s, you would swap A+ and A- on the conveyor control board to change direction. If your conveyor uses a tach instead of a hall sensor, you will need to swap T1 and T2 as well. User manuals can be found on the lincoln site that explain this in more detail.

one other thing i should mention. does the other oven have a place for the switch? if so, there may just be another lead laying in the equipment cabinet or the switch itself to change the direction. you would just need to connect this lead instead of the one that is currently connected.

Wow: Lots of guys know their stuff on this forum.
I would just add that when you reverse the belt drive you should also reverse the belt, better to have the belt links in a pulling direction rather than pushing.

George Mills

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t stop to think that it was hooked up to a speed controller instead of being self contained.