Been getting bugged by Yelp. Some clown in our store gave the yelp person my phone number at our other business so they are calling there for me too. After the story broke a few months ago that yelp basically sells ratings (here) I am less interested than ever in jumping into this dogs breakfast. Yes, it is a fact of life but I think the whole thing needs to evolve.

I wonder what would happen if all the TTers reviewed each other. haha

Haven’t been bugged by them in quite awhile now, maybe it was the sure let me get the owner and leave them in the black hole known as hold that finally got them to stop calling.

I have never liked the business model that they use, and honestly i could care less what they or their users post. Since i have no control over it, i choose to just ignore it.

Thanks to having caller-ID interfaced with our POS, I entered their ID into the system as “Do Not Answer” it took about 2 weeks of 7-10 calls per day before it stopped.

My latest annoyance is some marketing company that wants to collect email addy’s from people logging into our Wi-Fi, Zen something or the other.