Revisionism and posting integrity . . . long

I went back and forth before deciding to respond to this situation. The readers of this forum now and before deserve seeing a response.

The above post is clipped from a delivery driver thread where several of us hijacked another in an unfortunately long string of threads to flog the dead and mutilated orse of fair treatment ofr delivery drivers and the question of owner policies extorting delivery drivers.

PPG2270 made the quoted statement and then later proclaimed that it was not at all a persoanl attack towards me. I make this post to say ourtright that this person lacks the integrity to make what is very clearly, to most everyone who has read this, a sideways cheap shot. I got no problem people taking sheap shots as it often comes with the territory online . . . have the guts to stand the backlash when you do it. the problem with the quoted author is that the personal affornts are part of the pattern of his debate. When faced with a position that is well thought out and defended, and he cannot make a response to defend his original position against it . … he takes the passive aggressive road and makes an assault on the person/people arguing the points. I made a very reasoned and well thought post regarding the business realities of business ownership that really aren’t understood the same until one is the owner of a business. He then took the opportunity to make the “failure” snark. Background information: I just recently closed my business, and am now learning the lessons of the aftermath of resolving the 7 years of business ownership. If you read the exchange between me and PPG2270, you will have the chance to agree or disagree with my position

My personal objective assessment at this point is that PPG2270 will continue to take every opportunit to take as many as possible threads that use the phrase “delivery driver” to change the conversation to his personal values and beliefs of how pizza delivery policies should be written and how the business should be structured, and that all that do not meet his beliefs are wrong. I believe that he will ague vehemently and when facing difficult to dismiss positions, he will make emotional or personal derision/pokes/attacks/misdirection to avoid facing the position offered. I knew all this going into the fray. I’m a grown man . . . and I am a weary grown man dealing with the omni-present thread diversions to how poor delivery drivers are treated and how incompetent owners/managers are for structuring their business in such “unfair” disregard for drivers.

Here’s the link to the original thread: free delivery increasing sales thread

The full paragraph he clipped above actually reads

The final point I want to make for any owner out there facing the wolves of hunger, and having some asversity in their marketplace is in defining “failure”. What makes it so mindlessly simple to dismiss petty shots about closing my business is that my business plan specifically outlined the goals we worked to achieve in starting the business. Having that tool with all its details made it easier to make ongoing business decisions, and at this point, to look back and assess the effectivness of the venture. We outlined some 8 to 12 goals (depoending on how you read them) in starting the business, and only 3 of the goals/subgoals involved financial elements. If you get to the precipice of trying to decide to close your doors or not, look at your goals and see if you are making satisfactory progress on enough of them . . . which ones you are meeting/exceeding and which are not meeting. Then, the decision becomes more objective and less emotional and caught up in pride and self-worth. The business is not who you are . . . it is a venture that “who you are” has undertaken.

Had PPG2270 owned a venture at any point in his life, he would have a wholly different experience of talking to business owners who have closed their doors. I know I see the world differently for having gone all-in on a business in a community in dire need of a strong business. What a ride . . . . and a ride that met and exceeded most, but not all of our goals. Our marketplace changed significantly, and we decided that the medium and long-term financial goals were not achieveable in the forseeable future, and that those were significant nough to close the doors. Sadness and pride, uncertainty about the future and confidence that we will achieve.

Fling that word failure out again, PPG2270. I’d like the opportunity for everyone out there to discuss the merits a faceless, nameless stranger defining our businesses as failures or not.

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Integrity will always rise above liablious and callousness dribble.
You tops the first and totally lack the latter two.
I went off track after PPG as I was so mad with his inferences about you without even knowing anything that was behind your decision to close.

It would be nice if some POS companies subscribed to this line of thinking. (Sorry for the thread drift, but that was the first thought that popped into my mind when I saw the title.)

Pizzamancer, it isn’t as much drift as you’d think. Integrity and respectable business practice is a vertical and horizontal winning strategy. If I only use suppliers and vendors who do business the way I intend to do business, then I am far better equipped to treat my employees and customers that way. Consistency in business practice makes the whole ship float better . . . but we all know that is only in a perfect world.

Commissioned sales people make their living selling more and bigger. Service after the sale is not in their pay scale often times. So, the other end of the business sometimes takes lumps trying to deal with our service issues after sales is done with us . . . and the whole thing gets mucked up. If they would “sell what you have” and “deliver what you sell”, then they may sell fewer systems, but have more satisfied (read: repeat) customers. But I don’t know that end of business so well.

All that fits into my original rant. Telling the truth is easy to remember; it’s this mistruths and partial truths that cause the problems in defending and remembering.