Reward program

I’m looking into switching from Repeat Returns reward program to Foodtecs reward program seeing I have there POS system which I like and the switch would be seamless with it being intergrated. I been with Repeat Returns for 7 years and RR grew my business from 12,000 a month to 50.000. but lately it’s been harder to get more people signed up and entering the points is a real pain in the you know what, and costing me 200.00 a month. So what offers do you use as far as lazy customers 45, 90, 120 day offers and what do you have for Birthdays, refer a friend and so on. Is it free garlic bread, free 2 liters or is it 3.00, 5,00 10.00 off. Thanks for your thoughts.

What do you mean as far as lazy customers?

Lazy customers are the ones that need a offer of some kind to come in to your store and make a purchase. They are not a weekly customer or even a monthly one at that. 20% of my customer base, make up 80% of my business sales.