Rewards Programs: Belly, Repeat Returns, Revention

Just trying to get some advice from anyone that has used any of these Reward Programs. I am researching these 3 options for my Rewards program and get lost and overwhelmed with the options. We use Revention POS & the POS has its own rewards program built in (FREE) that we could use. Repeat Returns and Belly both have monthly fees associated with them. Just looking for some input on your experiences with any of these programs.


Repeat Returns ties into Revention and it can work if you can stay ontop of it, and have customers who are willing to accept it. When i bought my store the previous owner was using it, and he had it linked to all his stores.

It was a nightmare splitting the database and getting customer accounts setup correctly. After about a year i gave up and pulled the plug. My customer base just did not justify the expense.

I believe he still uses it, and it works for him in his stores, and i know another sub shop around here uses them. He saw alot of positive feedback, and use from it.

Only negative with Revention and Repeat Returns = Hungerrush Online module messes up the database. Otherwise like d9phoenix said it works pretty good.

I don’t do a ton of “extra” marketing outside of what my chain supplies and it is my only email program. I have 10,000 active in the RR emails combined in my 3 shops.

What does it do to the database? I know that you have to manually add something to a customer ID in order for them to be a repeat returns customer, is that what you are referring to? Also, does RR work for online orders?

any changes to their file in the POS and the customer using hungerrush creates a new file every time they order so they DO NOT GET their points unless you are looking EVERY day