Rewards programs

I am thinking of using a rewards program. Which is the best? Some companies are expensive, some cheap, some use rewards cards others don’t (they use primarily e-mails). Would it be better to use to your own e-mail to send flyers to current customers (or do they get blocked out as spam).

No matter what you pick and/or how you send it, some will be blocked, refused, returned, etc…This “churn” is just natural…You have to keep working with what is left and work on ways to bulid your list…There has been some discussions in other threads about “Constant Contact” and other email service…They would be worth finding and reading…Good luck…

I really do like constant contact. The great thing about it is it is a user opt in system. You have to get them to willingly give you their email. That way they will expect it from you. I give a bonus to people who sign up. Because my main business focus is take n bake I give a pizza cutter wheel. Or, because I also bake people can also choose a small tub of ice cream. Since most people dont fall into having these two things, I would say a free 10" cheese pizza…a discount, whatever you choose. I do not discount my products on a regular basis. So what I do is send any deals, discounts, tastings, etc on my emails. If you would like send me a pm and I’ll send you a recent email so you can see what it looks like. It is an EXTREMELY easy system, you get templates that you just fill in the text, you can also change colors, pictures, upload your own pictures, and so on. Very easy. You can also do surveys. I like that option. It helps get a “feel” for your customers.

Let me know if you would like to know more.