Reworked Lehman's Dessert Pizza

I looked at Tom Lehman’s recipe for a dessert pizza that can be found online (don’t want to infringe on his recipe rights). It uses a sweetened cream cheese and ricotta base on standard pizza shell.

I actually stumbled on it when I was looking for something else . . . panzerotti . . . see where I am going :smiley: ? Well, I did the unthinkable and tried my first go at a dessert panzerotti using Tim’s basic principal for the filling. It was a qualified success on the 1st go, and I need to experiment some more. CHOCOLATE PANZEROTTI :shock:

I placed the filling of sweetened ricotta/cream cheese with chocolate chips onto a shell of 4.5 oz dough stretched to 6 inches diameter. Go easy on the sweetener since this is really rich. Sealed edges and braided edges well to avoid seepage. Chilled this and deep fried at 350F for about 4 to 5 minutes until golden brown all over. I had to flip it a couple three times to even browning. I let this set at room temp for about 10 minutes to avoid searing my palette out of my skull.

VERY promising. I have to firm up the filling a bit. I did not include eggs this time, and I will next time. I will also consider powdered sugar for sweetening over granulated. Powdered has a little starch that can add more thickening at temp. Take out the chocolate, and add fruit, pie filling, vanilla, granola, a little saffron infusion . . . the sky could be the limit.

More report later when I try again during the week. Did I mention I used 1/2 lb fat free cream cheese and 1/2 lb neufchatel (1/3 fat of regular cream cheese)? That could account for runniness as gum will degrade and let go . . . but the lower fat is something to marvel at in a dessert! Maybe just all ricotta would work the same result.

Hello Big Nick,…I had to giggle when I seen this.We been doing this for many a moons w/ Marscapone,ricotta,bitter choc. then topped w/ powdered sugar.We call it Da Goomba Dessert.Its a great in house seller but when boxed it gets a little soggy to say the least.We just found out that two other pizzerias in the area just started to copy our dessert…Go figure


Glad to hear someone has gone before me on this one. So, would you be willing to tell me what you firm it up with? Or do you leave it sort of runny and liquid? Also, what is your serving size? I think even the 6" could be too much for one person.

I know what you mean about delivery and soggy fried foods. It was great about 5 minutes out of the fryer. At about 15 minutes, it was getting greasy and tough. That is without a box around it to steam and sog it up.

I did use Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate in my experiment, but will try baker’s chocolate next time to get a more ‘adult’ chocolate flavor . . . less sweet. May fail miserably, but may work out.

Nick,when you say firm it up I think your speaking of the inside.If so we just do it like it is hot,wet and juicy in da center.Ours is about 8-10 inches always a little to always made by hand/roller.Nick,I made some for my baseball team a couple a weeks ago w/ Jif peanutbutter and Jam in da center and I had more requests for this since,and this was from many of their parents! I have to say it was delicious.