RFM Marketing

Anyone doing RFM marketing? Better yet, anyone automated the coding of customers?

I have been using rfg marketing for about 5 years, I can tell you that it absolutely pays for itself. I truely have my ahnds full and it is one thing that doesnt take any maintanence on my part at all. PLUS in 8 months we have had 295 on line orders…they do everything!!! set up your on line ordering call and get permission on the faxes…AND email blast as well.
YOU have got to love these guys.
ask for andy

sorry thought you meant rfg marketing
http://www.rfgmarketing.com/content/ind … 5&Itemid=9

Not a problem. Yes, I am referring to the marketing concept I linked to in my original post. Thanks.

I use Rfg Marketing as well…It def does the job…Talk to andy you will get your return in no time!

Folks, Charles is talking about a marketing principle - Recency, Frequency, and Monetary not the market company called RFG.

Charles - yes I have used similar when analysing and planning marketing. I’ve used this info to find the best performing and worst locations within my area for spend or frequency and I think we all use recency when we do our 30-90-120 days postcards.

I’ve used this basic data in ongoing monitoring of the cost effectiveness of marketing to specific neighbourhoods. In some cases I’ve stopped mailing them in others I’ve started or increased the volume of menu’s going out.

I’ve also used a data company who used my data to predict current non-customer households ‘likely to buy’ in my area to mail offers to them. All have been successful HOWEVER the cost of targeting and then posting individual mail to these people can often be way more than blanketing the whole area.

So in answer - yes I use it along with other things and it does work.

Edit to correct typo that Registered Guest spotted!

I thought the marketing company was RFG, and the principle was RFM? :lol:

Charles’ post was obviously a veiled attempt to spam the board with free advertising for RFG marketing!

You caught me, RG. :smiley: Folks, simply click on the link in my first post for an explanation of RFM.

We are adopting Firefly Technologies system that is based on mySQL. I got to thinking that it would be a simple matter to determine the quintiles for RFM and then assign the code to each customer. This opens up a whole slew of pinpoint marketing possibilities, some of which Whizzle described. It would also be useful for addressing individual customer changes in behavior.

dont think charles was spamming, It was my fault when I confused rfg with rfm. I seriuosly doubt charles has any vested interest in rfm. I am all about hearing about companys that help us in our everyday business,

I am sure he was joking. I have a tendency to pull the trigger pretty quickly on spammers here.

And RFM isn’t any kind of business or anything. It is a marketing concept that I understand has been around a few decades.