rib delivery

Is anyone out there currently delivering ribs? If so, what kind? Baby Back, Ribletts, St Louis Style? Seems like there are several types out there that are ovenable. In my area Buffalo Wild Wings just rolled them out, and Domino’s will be soon.


I think that the baby back is still by far the most popular, but lots of places do pretty well with the St. louis style, I even think one of the big bbq chains (famous Dave’s) uses St. louis. I cook my own using one of the smokaroma pressure smokers, and it makes the best darn rib around. The smoker is really small and still cooks 45 lbs. of ribs at a time. After they are cooked I cool them down, wrap in food wrap, then store in the fridge, when I get an order all I have to do is nuke it a little then sauce it and mark it on the chargrill, but it could go through an oven just as well. Ribs are such an easy add on. Before I cooked my own I use some precooked by farmland, Curly’s, and Hormel’s Austin blues I think they were called. I think I liked Hormel’s and Farmlands the best, other than my own of course. Good luck!

David McGuire

The Austin Blues are a rib tip, extremely good, really meaty and just the right amount of fattiness! Use a sweet sauce with them (hey, I’m from KC, we know barbecue around here–pork demands sweet sauce!!!) like Sweet Baby Ray’s and you’ll be in great shape.GD70Q9

Austin blues are also offered in a St. Louis rib as well, at least they are here in Az.

How much do you charge, and what are the portions? Does anyone know how Domino’s is going to do them?

I was in the Little Caesars test kitchen when they were testing ribs. They had a ton of samples, and that is what we had for lunch every day. All were pre cooked, and the operations were simple. Just run them through the oven twice to heat completely. The conveyors were set at 8 minutes.