Ribs in a Deck Oven?

I know some of you are doing ribs but what is your process?

I am going to experiment this week with pre-cooking them (slightly underdone) and then refrigerating. I plan to then cover them in foil and reheat/finish cooking for another 10 to 15 minutes in the deck oven.

Not sure if this will get me the heat penetration to the bone or not.

Will be trying one with dry spices and one with bbq. I will reapply bbq sauce when they are reheated.

the key to good ribs is slow cooking. It depends on what part of the country you are in as to whether or not the dry rub or sauced ribs will sell.

We are slow cooking them – slightly under. Then finishing to order. Tried it this morning. Seemed to work out well although I am so stuffed right now my judgement is clouded . . .