For some odd reason my partner has the idea to sell his “famous” ribs at our pizzeria. They’re extremely good but I’m wondering if that’s really going to fit our image/brand. We’ve never had any requests for it. I guess the idea just popped in his head.

We’re a delco only, no dining, and ONLY serve pizzas, salads, and appetizers.

Ribs are obviously a bbq thing and I don’t want it to conflict with our current menu.

What are your guys opinions?

Thanks guys!

I used to sell a fair amount - used St. Louis cut (spare ribs squared off to look like jumbo babybacks) - High food cost but decent profit…we used to bundle a pie & rack & knots for $25 or so…

We have been selling ribs for years and we are also a delco. We sell a ton of them . I believe if they are as good as you say they will compliment your current menu. I say go for it.

we do back ribs, 1/3, 1/2 and full racks served with 2 side dishes and garlic bread and choice of Smokey BBQ, Apple BBQ or honey garlic. We also have a Rib Appy for those whose just want a smach with theri pizza. Our ribs are outstanding and sell well (approx 8% of our sales). We also do rotisserie chicken that sell well but our conbo plates sell the best.

I think they work with the menu and can be just about as easy as wings. Have held off on it as I feel I need to build general sales before getting into an extra menu item.

Hi Steveo;

Ribs are a great addition to delco.

We did extensive testing with a rib processing company using air impingement ovens and the results were excelent.

Again th ability to have every order done to perfection with absolute uniform cooking and with a minimum of time and effort was the great advantage of the air impingment ovens.

The ribs involved were pre cooked to a degree by the processing company and finished off in the XLT oven.

George Mills

George, If you don’t mind, who is the company with this product? I would be interested in checking this out and seeing if the product is available through one of our suppliers.

Ditto, I make what I consider to be a very very fine rib and have them planned for our menu when we open, but hey…if I can find a like product w/o the prep time and the costs are in line, I’m interested in knowing about it.

Wow, great replies so far guys. I’m liking what I’m hearing.


And George, I too would be interested in hearing what company you are talking about.

When we were experimenting with them we purchased them from Costco and slow cooked them making sure not to overcook. They were then refrigerated until needed. Then we basted them in bbq sauce, covered in foil and heated them to order in our deck oven for about 12 to 15 minutes. They needed this long back to insure the heat penetrated to the bone well.

I believe we tried freezing them as well and then just defrosting as we went but the results were not as good.

Like I was saying before, they will most likely be a small percentage of your over all sales. If you don’t have a higher volume store you may have a problem with rotation before they go bad. What you throw away could very likely cancel out any profits that you make off the few you sell.

Excellent point! Do you know how long the shelf life is?

Hi Stevio and Bodegahwy:

Thanks for your comments:

The company we worked with was a local processor servicing the South east Michigan territory. Mattlin Rib Company in Inkster Michigan.

Mr. Mattlin died last year and having no offspring to take over his company was liquidated.

There are no doubt some other companies producing partially cooked ribs. If you do not locate one let me know. We will be exhibiting at the pizza show in Vegas in march and there are usually several rib processors there, I will get info for you.

George mills

The self life for our ribs (after braising) are about 5-7 days in the fridge but we never go over 3 days. Our method of prep is first we season them and sear the ribs by running them through the pizza oven at max temp for 12 mins. Then we braise them for 2.5 hours in our special braising solution in the range/oven. Then cool and portion in full racks and in the fridge. To order, the ribs are slathered in the selected sauce and go on a piece of parchment paper and into a 9" round pie type pan, then trough the pizza oven at our normal settings for the pan pizzas (520 degrees at 6.40 mins). I must say they come out perfect every time and they Apple BBQ is the best because the sugars caramelize slightly through the pizza oven. We sold 11 racks last night and I’m proud to say we have the best ribs in town due to the pizza oven cooking perfection and this town is literally polluted with restaurants of all calibers.

We tried the pre-cooked product and they were good but just not the same as braising in-house.