How many of you offer ribs on your menu? How well do they sell? How do you prepare them?

We do pork spare ribs and they sell fairly well.

We buy them in bulk and cut them into individual strips, sprinkle meat tenderiser on them and then marinate in 20lt tubs for 24 -36 hours. The marinade we use is a BBQ marinade sauce (4 parts) and pineaplle juice (1 part - from the draining from the bulk cans of pineapple). We don’t do whole side ribs as 99% of our sales in these are either take away or delivery. That is why we slice into single ribs.

We par cook them through the conveyor oven for 7 mins at 220 celsius twice (turn after first cook) When cool we portion into foil containers at 400gm. When customers order we simply take from coolroom and heat in microwave for 1 minute then baste with BBq sauce and put through the oven at normal 260 celsius for 7 minutes.

Taste great and sell well, except that we have been having intermitent supply problems for about a year now where we are out of stock for a week here and there.


We sell Danish back ribs 20-23 oz portions which come indicvdually wrapped from the supplier.

We first dry rub the ribs and sear 450 degrees for 45 mins. We then prepare our braising liquid and braise the ribs in our range/oven for 2 hours, flipping once and making sure the liquid does not submerse the ribs. Then, once cooled we wrap and into the fridge. To order, we portion 3rd, 1/2 or full rack baste in a choice of 3 house made sauces and run through the pizza oven at 520 degrees for 7 minutes (our pan pizza settings), a light parsley garnish, the sides and off they go…

Man, these ribs are amazing, the best ribs in our town and there are tons of places who do ribs. Hope this helps.