Ricotta Cheese

How do you guys get in on the pizza. Trying to find a faster way than opening the bucket of ricotta each time we need it. Been thinking about putting it into a large squeeze bottle and drilling a bigger hole into the lid. Any suggestions?

We started with the squeeze bottles but reverted back to bucket plop method. We are dropping from our menu soon. We tried it but was a swing and a miss

Get a couple of these


Use the 1M tip it looks really high end.
Polly-o ny style ricotta is by far the best

Put it into diposable pastry sleeves. They come on a roll. The size we use holds a whole tub. Cut the point off to the size opening you want and just squeeze and dab.

what did you not like about the squeeze bottle. people in our area really like the ricotta we use quite a bit.

i was looking at these last week actually they just dont look like they hold enough how do they work out for you how much do they hold.

They are the best, ive used huge pastry bags in the past. They condensate, you waste a ton of ricotta that you just cant get out, if its squeezed too hard the ricotta goes out the back end, and finnaly theyre a pain to fill.

I have four guns 2 for cannoli 2 fir ricotta. I keep them under the salad bar unit standing up in a 5lb sour cream bucket it works great. Trust me youll be happier with the guns. I wish theyd make a commercial size one that could fit more ricotta but they dont yet

When pastry bags condensate its hard to grip and your hands get all sticky

Yea i really dont like the idea of the pastry bag it seems like it would be too messy i like the guns just looking to find a bigger size but havent found any thats why i was considering the big squeeze bottles.

The bottles seem like a great idea…i never tried it though.
I did try alfredo in squirt bottles and I remember the residue that wouldnt come out really annoyed me. I hope it diesnt happen with ricotta.
Ive wasted so much money trying to make things easier/ more efficent only to settle on the thing I began with.


for the money I will try the dessert decorator, although I have a feeling that the spoon with bucket plop method will stay…i hope i am wrong though…thanks!

I fill our cannoli’s with the disposable pastry bags. They work great for that but for our ricotta pies it is too hard to control how much is coming out and ends up too much on the pie. We put the ricotta in a pan on the line and the old spoon method I was taught 45 years ago still is the most effective/accurate way to do it. Walter

So maybe try a jerky gun like this… http://www.lemproducts.com/product/jerky-gun/stock15

They are designed to squeeze meat out of a small diameter orifice so I’m guessing that ricotta would be easier.

Plus there are some gargantuan ones out there like this hand-cannon

we add a bit of water, about a cup for two containers…then we use a spat to spread…

Wow. We have been using pastry bags for nearly 10 years, use about 30 lbs per week and have none of the problems mentioned. Odd.

This looks pretty cool thanks for the link im gonna give this a try

I think it’ll work well for you, I’ve never used a jerky gun in anything I make, but I have seen them in action and they are solidly built to push cured meat through the hole, and ricotta is way less dense than cured cold meat.

I see a quality pastry bag working well too, a nice fabric bag lined with plastic, not some cheapy bag. But even the nice pastry bags get beat up fairly quick, then you have a dish guy who doesn’t give a ratzass about anything, stuffs it somewhere while wet, and it mildews (Speaking through experience) then you find you expensive decorating tips ground up in the garbage disposal, or like a very short-timer hear, tossed my pastry bag in the garbage, tip and all. Even after being told “DO NOT TOUCH”

We just use the plastic liners. No fabric. No tips. One bag holds about 3 lbs of ricotta easily. Use scissors to cut the tip of the bag to set the size of the opening. Twist the back end closed.

Do you have a link to purchase one of these guns? Or a recommendation. We’ve tried the squeeze/squirt bottles, pastry bags and are ready to go back to our bucket plop method. Really not wanting to give up, instead willing to try this method!

We use a gun for Ricotta like Taco Bell uses to portion sour cream: SAUCE GUN | FIFO Innovations We refer to them as “the world’s most expensive caulk gun.”

You can find them at webrestaurantstore.com too for cheaper: FIFO Innovations S/S Sauce Gun (1 oz. Portion) but will have to purchase the bottle and plunger separately.

I prefer the classic tip “cone” that can be trimmed to size, but don’t see that as an option on those sites although my local supply store can get them from their supplier.