Ricotta query

I am looking for a very fine curd, creamy but dry ricotta. I’ve had some Italian brand that was just the ticket, but that was years ago. Anyone have a brand that they love that fits the above bill?

I am looking to build a ricotta cheesecake recipe and need a very fine and rich product that is superior to the basic Poly-O supermarket grade. It can work in a pinch, but not the result I want to aim at.

Nick, you might try grande suprafina. I think that might be just what you’re looking for. I think we pay right around $20/case.

As I said in chat, I tasted a Grande ricotta. It was put on a pizza so I do not think it was the Dolce they have. However, people said the Dolce Ricotta was wonderful.

Well, I can only share my experience with “supermarket” grade…

BUT, I got a container of Sargento Whole Milk Ricotta yesterday for a lasagna…it was almost like cool whip in consistency (except thicker, obviously).

I like a cottage cheese type of ricotta for my lasagna, so I was a little let down…but this sounds like it would fit the bill for you.

Just my .02 as always.

Grande Soprafina .

I make a white pizza, similar to the one on the Grande web site, that where I started on it and is basically the same…
they gave several ricottas, some spread easier than others, Polly-O and other brands I have used from restaurant distributors are good…
my experience with the the stuff from the supermarket is air injected like the cheap ice creams,

We use Imapstada which is thicker and creamier than ricotta. The brand I use is Big Red. Customers love it!!!

Frigo ricotta
saputo product

I’m still reading and working on getting samples of some of these to try my recipes. Thanks and keep it coming!

Have not tried it for cheesecake, but I use Roma’s house brand for our dessert cannolis & it works great! Smooth, creamy texture & great tasting. I never liked Ricotta personally until I tried this brand.