Ripple Board???

Hi, I am looking to purchase ripple board box liners to use in my delco. What would the proper terminology be to describe this product. My distributor is looking for me but isnt finding anything for “ripple board” and I have no idea what else to call them. Also, what can I expect to pay for 12" and 16" sizes? Thanks guys.

In the back of the pmq magazine in the advertiser’s section, there’s a product called crust savers that serves a similar purpose to what you’re describing. Their website is:

They’re pretty expensive. Their website has them listed at about 20 cents a piece. I use 12"x10" wax paper deli sheets that cost pennies.

We used to get these from Gordon Food Service. I think they called them “ripple sheets” but they may also have been “pizza box liners.” $.04/each sticks out in my mind as the price way back when for the cardboard ones. But you can save some on them by buying liners that are a few inches smaller than the box (14" liner for a 16" box) - as that extra inch around the edges just sits unused in the corners and under parts of the crust that shouldn’t get soggy anyways.

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I’m using the Ripple Board Inserts in all my boxes. A 10" square (200ct for $15.00) in 12" & 14" boxes, and a 14" square (200ct for $19.75) in the 18" box. You know I’m not even sure of the manufacturer for these but I’m pretty certain the box manufacturers have them or maybe Reynolds Co. has them. Being from Northern New England, my sources for specialty items is sometimes limited. Good Luck.

The ones I use are from IVEX Corporation , the box is labeled Grease Proof S/F Pads. The UPC is 00822098000157 for the 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 size. My GFS supplier lists them as LINER PIZZA 11.75X11.75.

Thanks guys…my distributor was able to get the ones that pizza hut uses for about .07 each for a 12" square. I appreciate all of the help.