Ripple Sheets/ Perfect Crust

Anyone using? Thoughts? Worth the investment?

I switched from the ripple boards to Perfect Crust about 3 years ago and am glad I did. I had many customers comment on the improvement.

I started using ripple boards at first then switched to perfect crust liners, ive been using them for a few years now, they make a positive difference. I only use the 10” size for both my 12” and
16” pizzas. I pay $19 for 250. Its been going up in price over that past few months

Been using the ripple inserts for awhile. Definitely keep the pizzas crisper than just a plain box. Never heard of perfect crust liners, but seems worth looking into. I tested out another type of liner called the pizza savor awhile back. Worked really well, but they were almost double the cost of the rippled inserts. Just couldn’t validate the extra cost.

How are you cutting the pizzas? Do you cut directly on the ripple insert, or do you cut on a peel and slide the pizza into the box?

Directly on the insert. Cuts pretty much the same as on the box.

we use the pizza inserts/ripple boards with great success, especially for delivery…it was a pain finding them but in recent years they are becoming more popular…we used to use the crust saver product and we have tested perfect crust but have not found them to be any better and ALOT more expensive. A few years ago we stopped getting them from Star Pizza Box because shipping was expensive. We cut on pizza serving boards with knife and transfer to box with pizza insert already.

I wish theyd just produce pizza boxes with the bottom part of the box being rippled. It would let the steam escape and I wiuldnt have to buy and store a seperate product. Not to mention the extra seconds it takes to put these things in every box

My question is how do you get them in the box during your rush periods? As December mentioned the extra seconds to put in every box. Anybody doing higher volume - 100 pizzas per hour using these?

We place them in the box beforehand. But a job that took drivers 15 minutes now takes longer. Sometimes they dont pay attention and are putting doubles even triples in some boxes.
If they just made the boxes with a strong rippled bottom it would make everything easier

we insert them when making the box too

Same here.

Yup- here, too.
As a Domino’s store, we were required to put them in all pan boxes and we put them in when the box was folded.
I used them in all “wet” pies… Specialty, etc.
Even a pie with multiple toppings would get them… when I was watching.
What about that new one Spritzi, Zitzi… something!?