Rise after using sheeter or dough press

I would be very interested in hearing experiences from people using dough press or dough sheeters. Do you still get substantial rise from the dough after you put the pie in oven? I use a dough sheeter and rise is very limited. Wondering if maybe different type of sheeter or dough press still allows for solid rise.

I want to see this (and still use sheeter or dough press). Is that possible?

The only way you will really see that type of crust edge from a sheeted dough is to use the procedure where the dough is sheeted out to about 2-inches less in diameter than what you want the finished size to be and then finish opening the dough by hand. I have a video showing this being done in a local pizzeria. If you are interested in seeing it just send me an e-mail requesting the dough being opened at AJ’s.
You might be able to get a “little” closer using a hot press BUT since you will need to have provision for the raised edge machined into the top press die you will need to have a die specific for each size pizza you want to make. P.M. me for more specifics if you’re interested in that route.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you