riseing flour prices

is anyone else concerned about the rising cost of flour?I am getting flashbacks from a year or 2 ago when it skyrocketed.I have bought a lot of extra flour just in case already.I own a small building across the street from the pizza shop that I use for storage that I could buy even more and keep it in,would anyone recomend this?

I would not stockpile flour across the street at this time. It is my understanding that although we have seen a small spike in flour prices, we are seeing some decreases this week. I don’t expect the astronomical high prices that we saw a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we went up $3-$6 per hundred lbs. but we may just as likely drop a few dollars. Storing flour brings its own headaches. Ripped bags, flour bugs, moisture, and a sore back moving it around just to name a few.
The perfect storm of price increases does seem to be developing. Cheese is inching up. Boxes are at or near an all time high. Flour has gone up. Pork prices are high. Rumors of tomato sauce increases looming. Yet we are competing with $5, $5.99, $8, and $10 pizzas. Damn, I should have finished college!

I hope you are right!!I planed on buying about 4-6 months supply but will probably buy less then that if any.my box prices actually went down 6 or so months but everything else is inching up here recently like you said.I wonder how it will affect the 5-6 dollar pizzas.

My flour is the lowest it’s been in the two years since we bought our store. Cheese is the highest it’s been.

Ouch, flour went up $.80 per 25 lb. bag this week. I jinxed myself.

I’m trying to figure out why my flour has dropped $1.07 per 50lbs over the past 4 weeks while everybody else has risen :?:

My flour has gone up at least $2 - $4 for 50lbs in the last month or so…Whats up with that??? I have not seen and decrease in a few months

well I will say that I know restaurant depot has a sign that says limit 5 bags of flour and rice on the front door and register.

WOW, that would pi$$ me off if I was one who used them as my main purveyor. Flour is not in such short supply that it needs to be rationed. If I ran into this when needing 25 bags, they would lose me as a customer.

Talk with your distributor. My guy has been spot on for several years - meaning evaluating the commodities futures 2 - 6 weeks out. As such, I usually buy INTO the increases, saving a few dollars here and there, especially over the slow season. Oh, and he thinks flour has room to run, maybe $10 more per 50lbs!!

Might be a regional thing Rockstar, the one in KC doesn’t have anything like that. I would think they would have the same distribution center though.

Same here, we’d been steady on All Trumps 25# since we opened, this week it’s up nearly $2.00 a bag. Good thing too, I was worried about getting moved into a higher tax bracket with all the profit we’ve been raking in! :?

What are you guys paying for 50lbs of flour these days?

I’ve been following the flour issue for some time now, and it appears that speculation is what is driving the price right now. For example, it was recently released that we have a less than projected carryover of wheat from last year (about 5% less),add to that, the dry fall, which is SPECULATED to have damaged a portion ofthe crop in the ground. Spring time will tell the story, so for now, it is still SPECULATION, and then there is the heavy snow cover in the spring wheat producing states. If we get a fast warming, the Red River will again flood, and possibly delay planting of the spring wheat crop…leaveraging winter wheat prices even more. The flooding that we saw in Australia has damaged a portion of their wheat crop, so it is SPECULATED that this will put still more demand on U.S. wheat supplies. In any case, there is not a world wide wheat shortage, so we will not see the huge price increases, but all of this SPECULATION is impacting the price that we are paying right now, and for the near future.
That’s the way I see it. Unless Mother Nature tosses us a curve ball, I don’t think we’ll see any major price increases.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom. I’m already paying 45% MORE than I did several months ago. Of course, its small beans compared to the swings in cheese prices.

Pizza 2007;
Also, keep in mind what a portion of flour is actually costing. A typical dough formula equals 162 to 165% (total). So, if you divide the dough ball weight by 1.62 or 1.65 you will get the flour weight for that dough ball. Lets say we use 162 total percent, and the dough ball weighs 12-ounces, divide 12 by 1.62 =7.4-ounces of flour are contained in that 12-ounce dough ball. Knowing the cost that you are paying for your flour, you can now figure what the cost increase is per dough ball of any size. My guess is that it will be 5-cents or less.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor