Rising dough

Hello there,

My name is freddie and would like some advise. Having difficulty trying to find a way of having pizza bases trayed up but not wanting dough to rise as this causes base to become like biscuit and normal refrigeration tends to dry it out too much. Have looked into forced draught refrigeration at adjustable temperature up to +15 Degrees C to try and stop dough rising. The idea is to fridge about 80 ready bases at about +12 to +15 Degrees ready for that particular nights expected orders. Do you think that this idea is practical or is there an easy or better way.

Many Thanks

I fail 2 c why u are pre-panning so many skins so far in advance…Does MickeyD’s cook all their burgers 1st think in the morning? (ya, it may taste like that )…

Prep only what you need 30 minutes in advance…it take a very short amount of time - do it correctly & you’ll have a far superior product!

It is all in your method of dough management. I pan the dough right from the start and put covers on the pans to prevent drying in the cooler. I know that there are many places that do it the same as I am. It is just a different system.

I have seen a economical way to make “covers” using corplast (the corigated plastic like some signs are made of) and cutting it to be slightly larger than the pizza pan. This would allow you to stack the pans as well as keep the dough from drying. Another way to keep panned dough from drying is to use stackable pans like the ones here from Lloyd Pans. http://www.lloydpans.com/SearchByCatego … h_Stacking

There is no way we can get through a rush without prepping all our pies way in advance. I am with Daddio in that it can be done if managed properly. We use pan separators which are a bit costly like the good pans but they last forever. It depends on your dough recipe what needs to be done in order for this to work…it definitely can be done