Road construction is almost done Now What to do?

The road construction that has been a PITA all summer is almost complete. There are some interesting side effects of the traffic re-direction. A meridian has been placed in the center of the road which means the traffic that once just exited out of the strip mall will now have to pass in front of my store. I need ideas on how to take advantage of this situation.

This is so odd. I was driving to work thinking I needed to look up your original post about construction and ask what you had done. We’ve been dealing with some heavy road construction in our downtown area and when they started working on the intersection 1/2 block from us three weeks ago, our lunches tanked pretty bad. I was glad to see as I was pulling up to the store that most of the equipment, workers, cones and traffic re-routing was gone. Lunch was back to about 80% of what it was. Now I’m in the same boat as you, I need to find ways to reminded the casual customers that we’re here.

HAve some sort of customer appreciation day with something large to bring them in. I’ve always pictured one of those big stupid squiggly things that have air blowing through them being a good avenue. car dealerships use them to bring People in. I’ve seen them advertised in the pmq print.

Paint giant arrows in the parking lot that lead to your door. Never over-estimate the intelligence of a driver. :slight_smile:

cha ching!

Awesome news!!!

-How about a couple of hotties outside with throw dough
-buy a toilet and set it outside, sit on it with you hand on your head with that sick look while holding your competitors pizza box
-pizza eating contest during peak hours
-wing eatin contest
-Have a large customer appreciation day
-If you have a flat roof, have a band play
-more signage
-mid get tossing contest

the list is endless… :smiley:


Have a window artist paint your windows to draw attention to your shop and your specialty items.

Keep the ideas coming.

The only thing they forgot to do was to have a STOP sign well before the shop front :smiley:

Or was that taking drive in service to the extreme ??? :stuck_out_tongue: