Road Construction is killing me I need marketing ideas.

For the past month the city has been doing road construction right in front of the strip mall I am in. The timing is really bad for closures. Monday to Thursday there is one lane traffic on the main east/west road controlled by flag girls that would rather be on their cell phones than watching the traffic. There is up to a 15 minute wait.

My deliveries have increased but not enough to cover the loss of the takeout orders. I have done the social media blitz as well as an email blitz but I am still down by 15% from last year.

Has anyone got any ideas on what to do?

Have an employee hand out menus to those cars waiting for the road construction.

Good idea but against the law here.

How about a sidewalk sign that says “While you are waiting call Daddio …”

Again good idea but again against the law. The sign bylaws are brutal here. You have to apply to put a banner up on your own store and the fee is $40 for each application plus a 3 to 5 week wait. What I should do is have a sign put on my delivery vehicles and park them over at the start of the construction zone.

How about giving the construction workers free or discounted lunch if they wear some neon green or orange t-shirts that have you logo and phone number on them ? I once read on here about an owner that did just that. He made up t-shirts in the same color they workers were wearing, just with his logo and phone number on it.

You could try writing a press release for the local paper about how the road construction is effecting business. Keep it positive though, and focus on the fact that you are still open and DELIVERING.

If somebody holds the sign on the side of the road/sidewalk there is no permit required and 100% legal. 2-3 hours a day for lunch would do the trick.

This depends on local codes. It would be illegal in my city do to this without a permit, and the city won’t give out a permit for sign shaking.

It is better to ask forgiveness than permission. Do it until they warn you.

In my town they waive sign code enforcement during road construction…

And it’s Canada… how harsh could they get? A strongly worded discussion about city ordinances? :stuck_out_tongue: Come on be the rebel from the States we know you are! Remember… I told you when you get arrested the “Fat, Bald, & Ugly” club will come rescue you Canadian Bacon style! :wink:

Run FREE delivery during the road construction


I worked a Papa John’s that had this problem for two summers in a row. I got bored one day and made up a bunch of slices, handed them out to cars waiting in traffic with paperplates with the papa john’s logo and napkins with the papa john’s logo.

I’m not handing out signs or flyers–just free food.

Of course, the paper plates and napkins did have my phone number on them, and because they were on their way home from work, many times they’d order supper.

How is it possible to ban free speech? If you are wearing/holding the sign its not a sign code issue its a free speech issue.

If they harassed you about holding a sign you could probably get about 25 thousand dollars in free advertising by going to the newspaper.