Road Trip! South from Louisville to Pensacola via I-65

Anyone located within 30 minutes of I-65 south of Louisville? Or 30 minutes from Pensacola?

I’m going down in late June to visit with a buddy and watch him get his pilot wings from the Navy. Well, I guess they are wings, he is doing Helo’s so I don’t know what they give him :slight_smile:


I live in Pensacola. Is your friend getting his wings at NAS here in town?
I would like to share ideas in person and share feedback about our different operations.

I can only assume that it is NAS. I don’t know how many facilities the Navy has at Pensecola though. Where is your pizza shop in relation to the Navy facility?


Here is a link to notable pizzerias where you are traveling, even all over the USA.

hope it helps,


I am about 15-20 minutes away from NAS. There are several other smaller navy bases in town. All are within 20-30 minutes of each other. If you can find out where he is going to be, I would be glad to get you some directions on how to get there. If you like the beaches, we have the whitest sands in the world!
If you like old airplanes, the naval museum has an absoultely wonderful museum that is a must see.


What is the name of your place? I’m leaving town tomorrow afternoon and I’ll have Wed and Thursday to do some “Pizza Exploring” between drinking adult beverages, and putting some sand between my toes.

I sent you my name and phone no. this evening.
Call me at your convenience and I will be glad to give you directions when you get in town and to ‘talk shop’. if you want to.


Don’t forget to stop by my old Domino’s in Goodlettsville, TN (Long Hollow Pike exit). If you go inside take a look at the back of the store. There’s a “Wall of Fame” back there with record days and record week numbers posted onto it… :lol: wannabes.