Road trip!

The week after the Expo, unless something changes, I’ll be taking a trip to Ft Benning, GA, for my stepson’s graduation from Basic Training. We probably won’t stop on the way down, since we’ll be driving all night (from St Louis), but I would love the chance to eat some good pizza from another Think Tanker in Columbus, GA, or almost anywhere along the way back. Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville…that sort of route. Holler if you’re along that way, we’ll see what the trip back brings to us (me, my wife, and stepdaughter).

where are you in ST Louis

I am currently driving a truck till i get the funds built up to reopen

i go thru st louis about once a month


pm if you need to stay secret ninja shit

We’re not open yet…we’ll be in Hillsboro, on MO 21 south about 25 miles. Not a lot of reason for you to go that way if you’re just passing through, but maybe you could swing by a buddy’s place, If you like “St Louis Style” pizza, you’ll like this.

Actually, my buddy owns the newer location, the Oakville store. His cousin, who I really don’t know, owns the original.

Also, in KC, is another good friend. And, amazing pizza, with business out the wazoo.

dont think you will be coming threw Indianapolis?

yep deilver to PA

Not this trip, but if I can get away in July, my wife has a meeting in Columbus…