Road trip

I am foolishly considering driving to Vegas this year, Does anyone have a shop between Indianapolis and Las Vegas? going to be on I70 most of the way.

We are about an hour and half off of I70 in Steamboat Springs. 314 is in the Boulder area about a half hour off of I70 and there are also TTers in Fruita, CO and Moab, UT. I would have to search old posts to find them but I have visited them before.

I drove Vegas to expo a copule times…got stuck in an awesome blizzard on my way home…we dont drive to Expo anymore…but ya I am in Boulder and Louisville which are both 20 to 30 minutes from I-70.

Im on 70 in topeka, ks

I’m in a Kansas City Suburb - about 15 minutes off of I-70. Check out or

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