Road trip

Heading home from vacation next week and would like to stop at a couple shops on the drive. I’m out in eastern Long Island and heading to Florida. Anyone located real close to the LIE or Jersey Turnpike or I-95.

I am about a half hour to 45 minutes from 95 in North Carolina


What? You got something against traveling to Kansas? :lol:


P.S. I know you’re from NY. Just giving you a hard time. Also, the KU Jayhawk basketball team is thinking about hiring a cajun chef to do all their cooking. His specialty: battered and fried alligator tails.

I’m on I-85 in Georgia . . . you gotta come through GA to drive to Florida unless you go through Alabama . . . the armpit of the southeast :smiley: (joke)

I am on I75 in GA if you are going throgh here