Roast Vege Pizza

Am looking for suggestions re: Roast Vege Pizza …not looking for whole recipe just possible ingredients that could go with roast vege…so far I have Roast pumpkin , roast red capsicum ( think you call them bell peppers in USA) and caramelized red onion - also Gorgonzola cheese. anyone have any ideas for added flavour…has anyone tried honey roasted veg on a pizza…or mustard ???

I know other squashes are really good roasted.

I would kind of stray away from honey roasted…seems to be a big allergen.

Actually fennel salt is really good w/ roasted veg.

Toast fennel seeds and crush them w/ kosher salt until very fine.

Try some roasted Eggplant. We do a Greek vegie pizza with roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, zuchinni, kalamatta olives and fetta cheese and garlic on a tomato sauce and mozzarella base. We spinkle greek seasoning (from Herbies spices in Balmain - expensive but the absolute best quality - but cheaper buying in 250gm packs). It’s areal good seller and in reality once anything goes in the oven it becomes roasted anyway.

Another is raosted lamb rolled in Australian Bush Spices (again from Herbies) roasted pumkin, roasted potato and red onion rings on a tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese base. Finish off after it comes out of the oven with a drizzle of thick mint sauce.


Thanks…some good tips. Never heard of fennel salt before - sounds great.

Dave - how do you buy your lamb - ie what cut - do you buy already roasted ???

I used to get legs of lamb and de-bone it myself but now I buy legs that are already de-boned and just slice into very thin steaks and put through our conveyor oven for 7 mins @ 180 degrees celsius. It’s a lot quicker and no paying for the bone which is about 25 -30% of the total leg weight . We pay $10.40kg for the de-boned legs. We then slice it into small strips about 3cm x 1cm, roll it in the spices and portion pack it into plastic tubs of 25gm. 1 tub for a 10" small, 2 for a 13" large.

If you are looking at doing seasoned lamb we do it with the Australian Bush Spices for our “Outback Roast”, Chermoula Spice for a Morrocan one and the Greek Seasoning for a Greek themed one. We only use Herbies Spices ( and buy online. They have a bulk sale despatch in Gosford where they mail it out to you on a pre-paid invoice. We buy 500gm at a time in 2 x 250gm packs. I have used other brands but Herbies are spectacular, the best around.


I know this thread is pretty old, and this might be a dumb question, but is it safe to assume that you’re roasting veggies/carmelizing onions ahead of time and adding them cold? Or are you actually making time to roast them right before tossing them on a pizza?

Roast - cool - portion - dress pizza.

Somehow I missed yelling out how absolutely FABULOUS roasted fennel bulb is . . . split, drizzle with olive oil, koasher salt and roast.

Sounds like something new to try! Thanks for the tip Nick :slight_smile: