People s u c k. Apparently some of my former employees s u c k more than I thought.

Someone entered our basement Monday night or sometime on Tuesday and CLEANED OUT our freezer. 1000-1500 worth of food. Had to be an inside job. They only took food. Left the $2000 slicer and a brand-new still in box microwave sitting on the floor. Also left all of my paper goods.

So we filed a police report. Then I called both local papers, told them what happened. Told them that we’re offering a $500 gift card to the persons who provide information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. I figure if it had to happen, I may as well get some press out of it.

you do not have an alarm system ?

I hope it all works out for the good, and soon,

You may want to give your local indies a call and let them know what happened. The idiot that took all of this stuff may be stupid enough to try selling it to one of your competitors. I mean, what’s a guy going to do with a hundred pounds of pepperoni? Hopefully, you’re on good enough terms with your fellow pizza operators to do this. I say Indies, because I’m quite sure no chain is going to touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole. Good luck in catching this low-life.

I would guess it was one of your competitors, or an indy in a nearby town. Ask your food purveyor if any other pizza shops stop ordering for a week or so

Good idea with the gift card and the press release. Most events can be turned into marketing oppurtunities.