Robot Coupe R101 2.5qt

I just inherited this with an S-blade…wondering what those of you that have this machine use it for in your shops? I already have a CL52 that we use for our pizza toppings and to shred cheese. Thanks!

Are these machines worth the price tag? Do they save enough in labor to offset the 2K or so to get one?

my cl52 has paid for itself many times over since I purchased in 15yrs ago. I am biased but I will buy a machine that can do a human job every time. I bought a dough rounder 25yrs ago. If you buy quality equipment it will last and make it worthwhile imo

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What is so special about the robocoupe vs. a nemco easy slicer? Nemco rinses right off. In contrast, robocoupe seems a little tedious to clean. Also, we all still need to prepare the veggies. I’m not against it, but the price tag is up there. Is it worth it?

We just bought one for the new store. I’ll let you know

for larger volume stores I think its worth it

How’s your yield on the veggies through the RoboCoup? Do you think you get better slices/diced toppings? I’m thinking we’d be able to significantly lower our produce buying if using diced veggies for pizzas

we don’t dice since I feel we would use too much…we rough cut the veggies before we put them thru the RC and it comes out like this

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