Robot Coupe

We purchased a robot coupe 6 months ago…what a time saver! It works great, but our blades are already dull. The green peppers come out mushy even though the blade we use is only used for green peppers. We’re a high volume shop, but it still seems like these blades should last longer than 6 months.

Anyone else had this problem?

Any suggestions?


Flingers Pizza Pub

do you use a knife service? we send our french fry cutter out every few months to get sharpened with them. I also send my home knives out when they get dull too. i’m sure they would sharpen robot coupe blades too

We have a knife sharpener in the kitchen. It works great for knives, but can’t sharpen a cutting disc.

Try this

Thanks for the link. Our slicing blade works just fine. It’s the attachment grate that’s gone dull. Onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes all cut fine. It’s the green peppers, which use the grate, that we’re having problems with.

Is it a dicing blade you are talking about?

Not the actual blade, but the grate. I should have been clearer.

I ended up calling Robot Coupe and they said they go dull after 6-12 months. They run about $300 a piece, so that’s frustrating to learn! We’ll still buy/replace/use them though…such a time saver.

Which model are you using? When we got rid of our Hobart we looked into getting a robot coupe but couldn’t get a response from the company or local rep to demo. We’ve been hand cutting since and have been much happier with the quality, but that could at least be partly because of dull Hobart blades.

Years ago we used a larger robot coupe (45?) but there was a big waste factor. Was thinking maybe the “red” model would be better?

We use the Robot Coupe CL50. The quality is top notch. Tomatoes are perfectly slices, green peppers are well diced, etc…

There are tons of different size blade attachments, so you can basically build it how you want it. It’s a great piece of equipment.

Alternatively, we used to use a Nemco easy chopper. That worked well too. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for an affordable way to dice vegetables quickly. If you’re a high volume shop, go with the robot coupe.