roll in refrigerator

anybody out there with any experience with a roll in refrigerator ?

for those wondering what a “roll in” refrigerator is, it is a regualr reach in refrigerator, no legs or castors, lowered close to the floor, with a small ramp, a dolly can be rolled in and out.

California Pizza Kitchen uses them in the LA airport, and probably other locations
I plan to stack dough boxes on a dolly and roll them in and out of the refrigerator.
any feed back ii appreciated,
…the link below is a photo of a roll in refrigerator…

  [ ... rators.pdf](

I had one of these in the past. They rock. Pile 15 dough trays on a dolly and you can wheel them right in, where you would be doing a few at a time if it was by hand.

Just to play a bit of devil’s advocate though, wheeled dough trays in a moving van might be a really bad combination.


Thanks for the "devil's advocate" thoughts, I always appreciate those, sometimes I think too positively and can get in trouble.  Thoughts well taken.

Do you remember the brand of roll in refrigerator you had ?

Do you ever get back here to the USA ?