Roll The Dice A Lesson from the Craps Table


The metaphors are mixing like a cuisinart in that one.

The true lesson from the craps table is that the odds are ALWAYS in favor of the house. You do not play craps (or blackjack) unless you have the bankroll to ride the odds and play without emotion. The view from the “house” side is always different from the “player” side. There is no walking away from the restaurants that we own.

You Pizza Boom bet you wad . . . whosoever put up that wad . . . on an inside straight at the poker table (arghhh a new game metaphor). Surviving in the food game is a long shot with any surviving store, and you bought someone else’s problem/failing store. The largest reddest flag around is the “dropped marketing and cut staff” to reduce expenses. That is a man looking to put lipstick on his pig to get someone to bet on it.

One might even have a chance to win occasionally at craps/blackjack/poker/ticktacktoe when one knows the rules of the game and the odds. Throwing money on the table without knowing the game is a fool’s bet . . . part of the background of the “Fool’s Tax” . . . paying $$$ for lack of informed due diligence . . . often from just plain honest ignorance . . . occasionally from arrogance or apathy.

Purely my opinion, but this ‘Pizza Boom’ should be ignored! If someone is seriously this arrogant/naive/self-serving, so be it. But…I think it’s someone out in make believe land just playing on this board. (woohoo, fun, ha?) There is no new DELCO being bought, menus being printed, or deliveries being made.
Very skeptical!!

I think you’re right after reading this. I bet 500 Boom dollars the site has his/her IP bagged! : )


Spot on Tpizza!!! It’s all been just a load of crap.