Roller ie; baller info

I’m looking to buy a baller (many companies call it a roller for some reason??) but I need to ball the dough. Only 200-400 balls a day needed. Any info would help. I contacted one company on the pizza pages, got a good quote, went to buy and ship it and then; OPS we gave the wrong quote and now it will be double quoted price $7,400.00. Thanks for any help given.

We use the A and M manufacturing R-900 dough rounders in a few of our stores and absolutly love them! New they’ll run close to $8,000 but if you watch on ebay there will be 5-6 per year listed that sell between $3,000-$4,000.

Just to toss another log on the fire, we use the A-M Dough Rounders in our Practical Pizza Production Course and I don’t think I ever saw one of our students who didn’t fall in love with it. They are fast (will round a scaled piece of dough into a ball as fast as you can toss it into the hopper. There are only 4-parts to clean. It comes apart and goes back together in a snap, you can do it blindfolded. And lastly, all the parts will easily fit into your sink for cleaning. With the optional round table, one person should be able to cut, round, and box a dough based on 50# of flour in less than 20-minutes.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor