roller to press

Has anyone transitioned from roller to press? I thought I read once where there were not the same age restrictions on using a press as there is for a dough roller.
Can anyone recommend a good press?

I am intrigued by the heated kind as we prefer to use cold dough for consistency sake.

Any help would be appreciated.


Chances are you won’t be happy using cold dough on a press…lotta snap back due to dough memory issues…let it temper 30 minutes & it’s a decent method to form dough…

Going from one forming method to another isn’t just a matter of using different equipment to accomlpish the same thing. Each forming method (hand, press, sheet) beings with it different finished crust properties and to some extent different formulation requirements. If you will check back through the (In Lehmann’s Terms) and Think Tank archives you will find a number of articles that I’ve written on this very topic.
Pressed doughs typically need to be significantly softer and more extensible than hand tossed or sheeter doughs. This is normally accomplished by increasing the dough absorption and including some reducing agent, like PZ-44 in the dough formulation. As for taking a dough ball right out of the cooler and pressing it, this is not a good idea as the cold dough will resist pressing and exhibit significant memory/snapback characteristics. In some cases we even use a lower protein flour when formulating a dough that will be formed on a press, this is done to minimize snapback.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor