Roma Cheese

What are you guys paying for Roma Whole Mike Super Deluxe? I think i’m getting screwed.

i am using WM diced Roma 2.43 a lb

i am using Classico it was 2.57 this week

called my rep $2.49 block sd
I used block sd for 10 years, I switched to [b]diced [/b]Super D last month,
i love it. thanks what

Paid $2.32 lb last week for whole milk Super D (6# loaves).

I’ll order again today. Paparella (formerly Bari Italian Foods) charged me $2.29/lb today for essentially the same product (their label).

Why diced better coverage on the pizza or better price? There was a piece on the food network about dominos using diced cheese their reasoning was better coverage and using less cheese, no lumps.

I just paid $2.36 today, on 4/23/08 I paid $2.53, I was told by my rep that they must not have adjusted my pricing. So I started bitching about it and my price came down. Has anyone had a similar experience with Roma? I am thinking about going with Bari just don’t want my product to change.

Geeeeee I am paying $13.50 for a 5lb bag of Grande Dice east coast blend chesse…
And I don’t sell pizza lol…
I always thought Grande was the best and that many places cannot get it???/ JT

10 years I had no portion control on cheese. I use a 2 cup measuring cup for my large pie now , it’s a prefect 10 oz. of cheese.No more free throwing. I always shredded my own block,wanted to buy a vcm to dice , but no 3 phase in building.I tied all different portion control methods, scale,cups,bags,slices but it always slowed use done to much. Roma didn’t have the sd in diced till this year. I know you are worried about your cheese price, I look at everything, cheap cheese price, he may be screwing you on french fries.I spend about $4000-$5000 A week with roma & I look at his gross profit on each order.what

Im using Roma Asoluti and paid $2.18 today. I know its not the same but thought I would pass it along

i use dices for portion control use a 2cup measuring cup fill to rim and swinf back and forth over pizza and slight spin covers whole pizza and no problems

If you think you’re getting screwed, I’m paying 2.45lb. I’m going to but some of that cardboard tasteing cheap crap from Cheney Brothers and use it. I suggest you do the same.

Have another shot of rum and stop your bitching! If you think Roma is bad go ahead and try Bari or Paparella or whatever they’re calling themselves this week. I tried them and about half my order showed up and the other half was priced higher than I was quoted. If you think you’re making money by saving a few penny’s coming in the back door and sacrificing quality you better get your “For Sale” sign ready and start looking for a new business to run.
Yes, I am a loyal Roma customer who has tried other distrbutors but have been burned by them. Roma has offered me consistant pricing, service and the quality products that my customers have come to expect from me. Try switching things around and your customers will notice and eventually go somewhere else.

Ive been always using roma but sometimes my rep tells me flour is 25 a bag and when it comes in its 28 a bag… i havent gotten on his a$$ about it yet but i use them because of the product cheese, flour etc. is amazing