Roma Foods?

Anyone using them? I tried to contact them last week about boxes and was pretty shocked at their “customer service”. An answering machine that says someone will get back with me in a couple days.

I use them and I like them. Like any distributor, it depends much on the sales rep you get. Mine is always interested in helping me get where I want to go. Lot’s of samples–I just have to tell him what I’m interested in.

I echo stpaulle, it depends on the sales manager. My rep & driver are simply terrific and I consider them true business partners.

I use them for all my pizza needs, boxes, sauce and Grande cheese. They just moved into my area so the pricing is great on everything except the cheese of course, it’s Grande! As with all of my sales reps I set up all contacts by email, they just email me the weekly specials and i email in my orders. They only stop by when they have a food rep or have samples, saves me tons of BS time I don’t really have to visit with them.

I sent you a pm. Contact me. They only have one rep in this area. They are my largest vendor.

AJ, can you send that PM again? I didn’t get it.

I understand the whole sales rep issue, but I was amazed that calling their HQ gave me a generic answering machine.

We use Roma also. The only problem we seem to have is that every week the sales rep will quote one price to us on items but when the order comes in the price is different on the invoice,so we have to hold up the driver and take care of it before accepting it.


It sounds as if your sales rep has issues. ROMA like other national distributors has a great distribution network and a decent product list. However, if the sales rep is quoting one price, and trying to backdoor another price - thats a big trust issue. Perhaps its something that can be worked out, perhaps not. As for me, they get one chance in my price deception book.

my biggest complaint and why I stopped using them is that when they are short items they always throw in “their line” and it happen all the time every week…