Roma Foods

Do you guys know anything about Roma foods? Their prices seem fair, but is there some sort of catch? People have told me they are run by the mob…but I have a hard time believing that? What’s the deal?

my only experience with them is that they make appointments to come out to your store then they don’t show up…(2 different reps from Roma have done this in the past 10 months)

I used them in the beginning and they were awesome. Great quality and service but then I started to pay attention to the billing and realized that I was getting screwed on every bill. I also heard the rumor that they were mob but I know they have sold the business to Vistar which is a reflection of the higher prices.

Pizzaguys where are you in California? I used Roma in New Jersey when I had my place in Long Branch. I used them in Nevada till there new rep, A lady buy the name of Alex, took over. Not very happy with her. Roma is really making strides on the west coast and I am going back to using them. I have always been happy with their product and no the mob is not with them. Who ever told you that is a nit wit.


I’m in the Inland Empire area about 40 miles or so east of LA. I see their trucks all over the road, but only dealt with them on two occasions. Once the guy showed up unannounced at 5:15 on a Friday night, so I told him to come back the following Wed. I had an order all ready for him but he never showed. Then about 3 or 4 weeks ago a new guy called me, and said how he was 20+ years in the business, used to have his own shop, will take great care of me, yada yada yada…scheduled him for the following Wed…and HE never showed! Maybe it’s Wednesday that they can’t deal with?? (a mob thing???LOL)

Don’t you know every place that sells pizza or supplies pizza places are all run by the mob? I heard the other day that Daddio’s is run by the mob.LOL

All companies come to you with “fair” prices up front. The price hikes come once things get settled in and your comfortable.

Don’t think they are as bad as Sysco, but you have to watch them – like any company really.

I think a lot of the time it comes down to your sales rep. A good reputable sales rep can make things work with a not so good company and vice versa.

Daddio. Is it the same mob of yobbos at my place? 8)


Of course who else could it be?

Hello Pete,most questions are never dumb ones butt this one takes the cake.Why would you come ‘on line’ and ask if a company is 'mob’ran?Do you think this is the appropriate place to ask this question?Do you think you’ll get a correct answer here?And if this assumption were a tad bit true who really gives a rats a$$?


All food distributors, like all pizza joynts desire 2 make a profit…

All distributors have similar landed prices for similar products…some distributors may have a better landed price, perhaps based on volume etc…

Most all salesmen are on commission…they may start on salary, but it evolves into comm.

When I was a ref, I had 2 “run” an 85% food cost overall - so some of my customers might pay a little more than another for the same product, either because they weren’t paying attention, or I could raise the price gradually or it wasn’t an issue…

Salesmen will find you “issue” price points and keep them competitive with the other distributors…so cheese will always be close (in theory)…

It really boils down 2 service - what can/will your salesman do for you overall…

You gotta watch them…we used to use them and then out of pure luck had an issue with a credit on an invoice so I added all the columns…frozen…paper etc and found a 10.95 added but not listed ANYWHERE on the invoice just added to the total. Checked a few more invoices and found out I had been paying it for months. Asked my sales rep and he said it was a delivery charge.

For me it wasn’t that they were charging me (although think 10.95 was ridiculous) it was that they snuck it in there. My orders were always around 1100 a week so it wasn’t a min. charge.

If you can’t be trusted in the small things I sure am not gonna trust em with the big.

The other issue we had was they ALWAYS shorted us. Without fail.

The sales rep was a rep by phone. Met him on maybe one occassion.

My own experience with Roma is that they are fairly rigid and not as directed toward the small town operation in our area. We get one day a week that we can get a delivery . . . and they get to decide what day that is. I have to put my order in on Tuesday by 3pm for a Thursday delivery. The rep they sent to me was hired the week prior, and had no clue at all what pizza realted products were in their warehouse. I am sure that is not at all the norm. They had a hefty minimum order like $700 or so to send the truck that one day.

The independent company I started with as my secondary provider was bought by Roma and then by Vistar, so I lost the service level and product knowledge I had started with, and eventually stopped using Roma when two consecutive orders DID NOT SHOW. And no one called me about either one. I had to call them three days after each no show. Both times the driver said there was no one at the store . . . and the company knew that I was no open during their delivery hours, and needed to call me . . . it was on the invoice for the drivers as well.

So, I did not try Roma out this time. I am happy with USFoods, and have a decent realtionship with my rep. I know she high balls me on some things, and gives me the good prices on others. And she knows I know. So, there is not a game, and we just have an understanding that I’ll call her when prices get too high for my tastes. I price with other companies, and watch their database pricing to be sure I am in the right range. I suspect other customers are less attentive and get the 85% USFoods pricing or higher. I hover at around 80.5% food costs over a month, and that works for me until I get more leverage with higher orders . . .or a decent second supplier to work into the mix.

Play the game. Don’t use just one supplier. I use Roma, US Foods, and Ferraro. I know they are commissioned and need to make a living but so do I. I am upfront with all three salesmen, they all know I deal with the others and they know I am not afraid to leave them for a few weeks to a month if they p**s me off. When I go back to them after that period of time they play nice again. I know some of it is out of their hands but some of the prices they have room to maneuver with. My Roma rep is a great guy but the entire year I have been in business they have charged me tax on everything even though they have my tax certificate on file, my rep says he mentions it to them at least once a month but still…I figure I have a nice tidy bank account that I will eventually collect on. In a word the rep is great…BUT corporate roma(vistar) stinks. I have had trouble with them being slow to react to everything. No such problems with Ferraro or US Foods.