Romaine again

The FDA and CDC have both said to stop serving romaine due to e-coli. What is it with romaine?
No caesar or Greek salads today.

Yep, had to place an unplanned produce order for today, since we use a Romaine blend for all salads. Iceberg only for now…ugh

I just bought 3 cases of salad blend yesterday 50/50 romaine iceberg.
Well ill just throw those out dont want to get anyone sick.

We use romaine and switched to green leaf lettuce for this recall.

Not only has our romaine been pulled BUT they pulled our iceberg lettuce as well. No salads or anything containing lettuce here UGH…

I havent sold salads since Wednesday morning.
It was kind of nice not having to worry about salads past few days
No one cared
Salads are 10% of sales
Still hit my numbers

Added Salads back today, $70 case of Iceberg lettuce from my vegetable vendor,
Local grocery store had the cases for $36.
Could only get 1 case, already sold out just for lunch.
I guess people really missed the salads

We have switched to iceberg as well. Definitely lower quality, but it sure is cheaper!