Roseli Cheese

Do any of you that use Roseli cheese (more specifically low moisture whole milk) have any consistency issues?
How does this stuff compare to that of Arrezio cheese from Sysco?

The last couple rounds of this cheese(roseli) I have gotten doesn’t shred well (feels rubbery) and doesnt really have a taste, nor does it taste good on the pizza.

I have used it and I felt that it was inconsistant as well. We grade our cheese into fine bits so I don’t know about shredding problems. I use Ricco cheese low moisture part skim and I am happy with it.
I am a big believer that the key to the taste of your pizza is what seasonings you put in your sauce not the cheese.

Roselli is the US food house brand like Arezzio is the Sysco house brand. Both companies occasionaly change what vendor they are sourcing from and experience inconsistancy. We have used both at times. Both work. When there is inconsistancy, it tends to be moisture.