Roto flex pizza oven

Can anyone give me some insight on the rotofelx pizza oven and how efficient the oven is for high volume.

We had a lot of problems with this oven during high volume. The bottom of the 4 shelves would burn pizza while the top would take forever.

Thanks for the info.
What do u consider high volume ? For the roto.

have had one for about 4 years now and never had a problem…this thing is built for high volume (100 pie hours)…seems to me you need to have your exhaust fan adjusted to control the bake on top…nothing but great things to say about my Roto-flex

Thank u for the info

Just a question :

How do you know when the pizzas in the Roto flex are done to perfection?

George Mills

It that a rhetorical question, George? The answer, of course, is when I say so. Meaning that “perfection” is defined by each owner/operator.

how do you know when pizzas are done in a deck oven?

I think what George is trying to get at is that a monkey cannot operate this oven…its does require some skill

I have had a Rotoflex now for about 2 years and while it is not a perfect oven, it is an awesome oven. I replaced a triple stack of XLT-3255 conveyor ovens and the Rotoflex can out do it capacity wise. Very happy with mine.